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Aug 31, 2005

Kelly Services Recognized As One of AARP's 2005 Best Employers for Mature Workers

- Only staffing firm represented

- Excellent pay, schedule flexibility

TROY, Mich., Aug. 31 -- Steve Duke had worked in the claims department for a major international insurance provider for 25 years when he took early retirement in 2002. But feeling he still had something to offer professionally, he decided to join Kelly Services as a temporary employee working as a claims adjustor in both catastrophe and non-catastrophe scenarios around the country on a part-time basis.

"I am able to pick and choose where I would like to go and for how long I want to be away," said Duke, who resides in Florida. "The pay is great and I'm placed in claims environments where I am familiar with the computer software, systems and processes, all of which enables me to be productive on the first day of arriving at a new assignment."

Duke's story and many like it, which reflect Kelly Services' growing emphasis in placing mature workers in a variety of employment scenarios, were recognized today when AARP named the company one of its 2005 Best Employers. Kelly ranked 21st out of 50 companies cited in the 2005 awards and was the only staffing company included in the ranking.

"Mature workers are one of the fastest-growing groups in temporary staffing and have become increasingly attractive to employers because they bring significant experience, expertise and maturity to their roles," said Carl Camden, Kelly Services President and Chief Operating Officer (COO). "In several areas - notably in professional and credentialed employment arenas - the need for proven, highly productive, well-educated mature workers is growing rapidly. These are employees that can quickly have impact and add value, and progressive organizations are fast embracing their potential."

According to Camden, Kelly now employs more than 60,000 mature workers nationally - a figure that comprises over 10 percent of their workforce.

The prestigious AARP rankings, which come out on an annual basis, are determined by a number of criteria measuring and evaluating exemplary practices toward older workers. According to AARP CEO Bill Novelli, "Too many employers still do not recognize the advantages that older workers bring to the table. The value of these employees will become increasingly apparent as the workforce ages in the years ahead."

According to Camden, an aging workforce - and the related workforce shortage - is a global problem that American corporations are taking note of because it is already impacting performance and capability.

"The working age population in industrialized countries is expected to shrink seven percent in the next 20 years, representing a reduction of 60 million workers, while the percentage of people in the world over the age of 65 - currently about 15 percent - is expected to double over the next 25 years," said Camden. "Having the best and brightest people to do the job has always been a key competitive differentiator, and when you look at the confluence of those two demographic figures you begin to understand how critical it is that mature workers continue to play a vital role in business."

Mature workers represent one part of the fastest-growing segment in today's employment environment in the form of "free agents," now making up more than 20 percent of the global workforce. These individuals, in a variety of industries and fields, have found that the flexibility, compensation and overall job satisfaction offered through free-agency opportunities exceeds that of traditional employment.

For example, Joan Steelman is a registered nurse with Kelly Healthcare Resources who loves her job and especially enjoys doing quality assessments for organizations - but who doesn't want to work in a traditional hospital setting at this stage of her career.

"I've found that I get the most enjoyment and professional satisfaction from project-related work," said Steelman. "In my current role, I'm able to pick and choose my assignments while also staying close to my chosen profession. I don't want to go back to working in a hospital and dealing with the headaches that come from that environment, and working as I do now allows me the freedom to do what I like, where I like, when I want to do it."

The recognition from AARP, said Camden, is both a source of great corporate pride and validation that Kelly Services' focus on mature workers is producing results for both the individuals seeking employment and the end-user organizational customers reaping the benefits of an experienced, proven workforce.

"We're very pleased to be prominently included in AARP's 2005 ranking of best employers for mature workers and look forward to growing the visibility for and appreciation of this important segment of the workforce," said Camden. "Because of their backgrounds and expertise, mature workers tend to be highly productive employees with a lot to contribute on many levels. The companies singled out by AARP are best-practice organizations who have embraced mature workers while getting a head start on leveraging their collective strength."

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